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Hoa is constituted of four co-community managers:

As every other contributors of Hoa, you can contact them to the addresses or Firstnames and lastnames must not have any accents.

Large community, join more than 2100 people!


The official list of contributors can be found in the file of the Central repository.


Hoa uses a forum to communicate. It is located at the following address: It contains the following non-exhaustive categories:


You will meet up the majority of the community on the following channels:

Channels are hosted by freenode. The contributors of Hoa are identified by a cloak @hoaproject/contributor/pseudo (use the command /whois pseudo). The co-community managers have the flag +V. You can talk to us directly with your browser.

Other mediums

Other mediums are available, such as the Twitter account. Finally, in the matrix, you can meet them easily in the following cities: Paris, Lyon, Besançon for France, Lausanne, Genève, Neuchâtel for Switzerland, Namur for Belgium and Tunis for Tunisia.