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Apex 3rd edition, 2015

Hoa Apex is a dedicated event to the community of Hoa, where contributors, users and main developers meet each other. This is a unique moment to share ideas and projects together.

Reminder: This event is free and family are welcomed too! To subscribe, please contact us.

Table of contents

  1. Dates and venues
  2. Hotels and miams
  3. Conferences and team building
  4. Contacts

Dates and venues

This year, Hoa Apex 3rd edition will stand at: 10 rue du Faubourg Poissonière, 75010 Paris, the and .

The following transport will help you to reach the event's location:

Useful links:

Paris by Yoann Jezequel

Hotels and miams

Hotels are not funded by the Hoa Project foundation. Here is a list of affordable hotels around the event's location:

You can also find your hotels at the very last minute with VeryLastRoom. It works pretty well in Paris.

You only need to pay for one lunch: Saturday dinner (evening), possibly at the Plantxa. Breakfasts and lunches are offered (so free)!

Imagine this in front of you after a first awesome day with Hoa's community!

Conferences and team building

Below, the planning of the first day:

You can subscribe to the calendar, it's public!

Team building is unknown so far but please, prepare:


If you have any questions, please, contact Ivan Enderlin (hywan, @mnt_io) or Alexis von Glasow (avonglasow, @ashgenesis) by email or Twitter accounts. Remind that Hoa's twitter account is @hoaproject.