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Hack book of Hoa\Devtools

Unfortunately, the documentation of this library has not been written yet. However, the file may contain enough information to help you. This document is an extract of the file.
Sorry for this inconvenience. Be ensured we are working hard to fix this.

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This library contains several development tools. This is for developers or maintainers. Sometimes it can be useful to users also, but in particular cases.

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Quick usage

We propose a quick overview of some commands.


Fix coding style of Hoa. It embraces PSR-1 and PSR-2, in addition to some extra fixers.

$ hoa devtools:cs --diff .

Requires PHP-CS-Fixer to be installed.


Check the dependencies of a specific library.

$ hoa devtools:dependency console
Dependency for the library Console:
    • hoa/consistency => …
    • hoa/event => …
    • hoa/exception => …
    • hoa/file => …
    • hoa/stream => …
    • hoa/ustring => …


Help to write (and send) a diagnostic report. Very useful to help users.

$ hoa devtools:diagnostic --section bin
self = "…/hoa"
hoa = "/usr/local/lib/Hoa.central"
php_dir = "…/bin"
php = "…/bin/php"


Generate the documentation of all libraries installed:

$ hoa devtools:documentation


Expand entity names to ease auto-completion in IDE.

$ hoa devtools:expandflexentities


Paste something somewhere (by default, on

$ echo 'foobar' | hoa devtools:paste<id>


Check if a library requires a new snapshot or not.

$ hoa devtools:requiresnapshot console
A snapshot is required, since … days (tag …, … commits to publish)!

If yes, you are probably likely to use hoa devtools:snapshot.


Get the state of a library.

$ hoa devtools:state core

An error or a suggestion about the documentation? Contributions are welcome!