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Hack book of Hoa\Dispatcher

Unfortunately, the documentation of this library has not been written yet. However, the file may contain enough information to help you. This document is an extract of the file.
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This library dispatches a task defined by some data on a callable, or with the appropriated vocabulary, on a controller and an action. It is often used in conjunction with the Hoa\Router library and the Hoa\View library.

The link between libraries and the application is represented by a kit which aggregates all important data, such as the dispatcher, the router, the view and data associated to the view.

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Quick usage

We propose a quick overview of the basic dispatcher represented by the class Hoa\Dispatcher\Basic which is able to dispatch a task on three kinds of callables:

We will focus on the last kind with this following example:

$router = new Hoa\Router\Http();
$router->get('w', '/(?<controller>[^/]+)/(?<action>\w+)\.html');

$dispatcher = new Hoa\Dispatcher\Basic();

By default, the controller will be Application\Controller\<Controller> and the action will be <Action>Action. Thus, for the request /Foo/Bar.html, we will call Application\Controller\Foo::BarAction.

It is possible to specify a different controller and action names if the request is asynchronous. By default, only the action name is different with the value <Action>ActionAsync.

With all kinds of callables, the basic dispatcher will distribute captured data (with the (?<name>…) PCRE syntax) on callable arguments where the name matches the argument name. For example, with a rule such as '/hello_(?<nick>\w+)', if the callable has an argument named $nick, it will receive the value gordon for the request /hello_gordon.

The kit is reachable through the $_this argument or $this variable if the controller is a class that extends Hoa\Dispatcher\Kit. The kit propose four elementary attributes, which are: router, dispatcher, view and data.

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