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Hack book of Hoa\Protocol

Unfortunately, the documentation of this library has not been written yet. However, the file may contain enough information to help you. This document is an extract of the file.
Sorry for this inconvenience. Be ensured we are working hard to fix this.

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This library provides the hoa:// protocol, which is a way to abstract resource accesses.

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Quick usage

We propose a quick overview of how to list the current tree of the protocol, how to resolve a hoa:// path and finally how to add a new node in this tree.

Explore resources

First of all, to get the instance of the hoa:// protocol, you should use the static getInstance method on the Hoa\Protocol\Protocol class which represents the root of the protocol tree:

echo Hoa\Protocol\Protocol::getInstance();

 * Might output:
 *   Application
 *     Public
 *   Data
 *     Etc
 *       Configuration
 *       Locale
 *     Lost+found
 *     Temporary
 *     Variable
 *       Cache
 *       Database
 *       Log
 *       Private
 *       Run
 *       Test
 *   Library

We see that there is 3 “sub-roots”:

  1. Application, representing resources of the application, like public files (in the Public node), models, resources… everything related to the application,
  2. Data, representing data required by the application, like configuration files, locales, databases, tests etc.
  3. Library, representing all Hoa's libraries.

Thus, hoa://Library/Protocol/ represents the abstract path to this real file. No matter where you are on the disk, this path will always be valid and pointing to this file. This becomes useful in an application where you would like to access to a configuration file like this hoa://Data/Etc/Configuration/Foo.php: Maybe the Data directory does not exist, maybe the Etc or Configuration directories do not exist neither, but each node of the hoa:// tree resolves to a valid directory which contains your Foo.php configuration file. This is an abstract path for a resource.

Resolving a path

We can either resolve a path by using the global resolve function or the Hoa\Protocol\Protocol::resolve method:


 * Might output:
 *     string(37) "/usr/local/lib/Hoa/Protocol/"

Register new nodes in the tree

The hoa:// protocol is a tree. Thus, to add a new “component”/“directory” in this tree, we must create a node and register it as a child of an existing node. Thus, in the following example we will create a Usb node, pointing to the /Volumes directory, and we will add it as a new sub-root, so an immediate child of the root:

$protocol   = Hoa\Protocol\Protocol::getInstance();
$protocol[] = new Hoa\Protocol\Node('Usb', '/Volumes/');

Here we are. Now, resolving hoa://Usb/StickA might point to /Volumes/StickA (if exists):


 * Might output:
 *     string(15) "/Volumes/StickA"

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