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Hack book de Hoa\Cli

Unfortunately, the documentation of this library has not been written yet. However, the file may contain enough information to help you. This document is an extract of the file.
Sorry for this inconvenience. Be ensured we are working hard to fix this.

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This meta-library provides the hoa command line. This is a shell tool to access libraries' commands.

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Quick usage

Once installed, commands from libraries can be run with the following command line pattern:

$ hoa <library-name>:<command-name> <options> <inputs>

Running hoa with no argument will list all the available commands with a small description. Note: If the option --no-verbose is present, the list of commands will not be formatted. Thus, used in conjunction with Zsh resources, you will be able to auto-complete any commands from any libraries for free.

On every command, there is at least the -h, --help and -? options, providing helps and usages.

To provide a command from a library, create a class inside the Bin/ directory. For instance, for a potential Hoa\Foo library, the bar command will be described by the Hoa\Foo\Bin\Bar class, located inside the Foo/Bin/Bar.php file.

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